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Course Description


Course Length 1 Day - 8 Hour Class Session


Students will learn the advanced features of Windows 98, including its Internet-related features.


Introduction to Personal Computers
Windows 95 Introduction or Windows 98 Introduction
Internet Explorer 4.0  or  Internet Explorer 5.0

Delivery Method Instructor-Led, Group Paced, Classroom-Delivery Learning Model with Structured Hands-On Activities


Students will learn how to customize the Windows 98 desktop, manage files, work with print and Help options, run system tools, and use Windows 98 Internet features.

Target Student Students enrolling in this course should understand basic Windows 98 concepts and have some Internet experience.

Objectives Customize the Windows 98 desktop by modifying the Start menu, taskbar and changing the desktop to Web Style view.

Manage files by viewing file attributes, securing files and folders and identifying and modifying file associations.

Set printer options and manage the print queue, troubleshoot technical problems, use the Help utility and access Windows 98 Update.

Optimize system performance by using the following system tools: Disk Cleanup, Scan Disk, Disk Defragmenter, Scheduled Tasks, and Maintenance wizards.

Access Web content by using channels, activating subscriptions, placing active Web content on the desktop and adding an item to the Favorites folder.

Create a Web page, filter Internet content, and create an Internet profile.

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