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Course Description


Course Length 1 Day - 8 Hour Class Session

Overview Students will learn the basic computer concepts and skills. Students will receive a thorough introduction to the hardware components of a personal computer. In addition, they will learn Windows techniques and become acquainted with applications. 

Prerequisite No previous knowledge of computers required.

Delivery Method Instructor-Led, Group Paced, Classroom-Delivery Learning Model with Structured Hands-On Activities

Benefits This course provides a broad information base to students so that they have a greater awareness and confidence when using computers. Not only do students learn what the components are, but they also learn why they need to know this information and how it affects them in a practical way. This may enable students to participate in conversations, make appropriate requests and troubleshoot problems related to personal computers.

Target Student Students enrolling in this course are not required to have previous knowledge or experience using personal computers.

What's Next Introduction to Windows XP   or Introduction to Windows 2000,  Students will Learn the Benefits of Working With Personal Computers and of Using Windows.

Windows XP Advanced  or Windows 2000 Advanced
The second course teaches students how to use more advanced features of Windows such as customizing the interface and using system tools. 

Objectives Identify and connect the parts of the computer 

Use input devices, including the keyboard and mouse. 

Describe how the CPU and memory process information. 

Identify the purposes of storage devices and distinguish between types of storage devices. 

Identify several output devices and describe their uses. 

Apply document-management concepts to create and evaluate document-management schemes. 

Perform common Windows techniques. 

Determine the types of application software to use for a given task. 

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