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Course Description

LOTUS 1-2-3  (9.8) - LEVEL 2 

Course Length 1 Day - 8 Hour Class Session

Overview Students will learn the basics of creating charts from their worksheet data and enhancing those charts. They will also be introduced to database concepts and learn how to work with a range of worksheet data as a database

Prerequisite Introduction to Personal Computers 
Window 2000 Introduction  or Windows XP Introduction
Lotus 1-2-3 (9.8) - Level 1

Delivery Method Instructor-Led, Group Paced, Classroom-Delivery Learning Model with Structured Hands-On Activities

Benefits Students will learn how to display worksheet data by creating charts, and manipulate worksheet ranges by using database operations

Target Student Students enrolling in this course should understand the basics of working in a 1-2-3 for Windows worksheets
What's Next Lotus 1-2-3 (9.8) - Level 3
Teaches students how to work with advanced features of 1-2-3 such as macros, linking files, and advanced formula construction.

Objectives Display data graphically by creating a chart.

Enhance chart displays and manage the data displayed on the chart by using the InfoBox.

Display data as parts of a whole by creating and enhancing pie charts.

Update charts by adding data series, assigning styles, and customizing the chart axes.

Sort data by using the sort features of 1-2-3.

Work with a range of data as a database table to find records by using a query table.

Extract and manage data in a database table by using a query table.

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