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Course Description


Course Length 1 Day - 8 Hour Class Session

Overview Students will learn how to develop an application and tie the objects together into a cohesive system by using macros and Visual Basic for Applications code.

Prerequisite Introduction to Personal Computers
Window 2000 Introduction  or Windows XP Introduction
Word 2000 Level 1
Word 2000 Level 2
Word 2000 Level 3
Excel 2000 Level 1
Excel 2000 Level 2
Excel 2000 Level 3
Access 2000 Level 1
Access 2000 Level 2
Access 2000 Level 3
Delivery Method Instructor-Led, Group Paced, Classroom-Delivery Learning Model with Structured Hands-On Activities

Benefits Students will learn how to build an application by designing and creating the database objects and a graphical user interface

Target Student Students enrolling in this course should understand table, query, form, report, and macro design and function, as well as data normalization and table relationships.

Objectives Design an application by defining application objectives and requirements and by using external data sources.

Navigate from one form to another in data-entry mode by using a command button.

Automate a form designed as a dialog box by using a macro group.

Create and modify a Switchboard form by using the Switchboard Manager.

Customize forms by creating custom toolbars and menus.

Create a form to use as a splash screen on application startup by setting properties and writing Visual Basic for Applications code.

Identify elements of Visual Basic for Applications syntax and decide where to place code by examining a standard function, a module-level function, and an event procedure, including an event procedure to display a Web page in a Web Browser control on a form.

Secure an application by defining application-level and file-level security, by creating a workgroup information file, and by setting a database password.

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