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Course Description


Course Length 1 Day - 8 Hour Class Session

Overview Students will learn the skills and concepts necessary to begin using the charting and list-management capabilities of Excel.

Prerequisite Introduction to Personal Computers 
Windows 2000 Introduction  or Windows XP Introduction
Excel 97 – Level One – Worksheets

Delivery Method Instructor-Led, Group Paced, Classroom-Delivery Learning Model with Structured Hands-On Activities

Benefits Students will learn how to create charts and create and manage lists.

Target Student Students enrolling in this course should have the basic understanding of Windows as well as Excel 97 - Level One – Worksheets. They should be familiar with data types, copying data types, copying data and opening and saving files. 

What's Next Excel  97 – Level 3 – Advanced   
Teaches students advanced features of Excel 97

Objectives Create charts that graphically represent worksheet data. 

Modify charts. 

Modify embedded charts. 

Customize charts by applying formatting. 

Use the AutoFormat feature to enhance charts. 

Enhance worksheets and charts by using the drawing tools to add graphic objects. 

Investigate some advanced charting features of Excel 7.0 

Sort information in a list by using the Data-Sort  command. 

Quickly locate information (in a list) that meets specified conditions by using the Auto Filter feature. 

Locate and manage information (in a list) that meets complex conditions by using the Advanced Filter feature. 

Maintain a list by using the data form. 

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